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Winter has arrived

1 Oct

Burgundy (Red) Twill Duffle Coat | 225677667 | New Look

Coat: New Look

Parka: Topshop


With the weather becoming drowsy it’s most likely time for me to invest into a new coat. The Parka caught my eye today when I was out, I think it’s beautiful and will block the cold. Unfortunately I would need to save up for it. I found the coat in New Look, decided it would be a cheaper option but it still has a lovely shape and colour to it. These would be my favourite coats that I have seen so far. I am trying to find a cheaper version of the parka but no luck so far, will keep posted if I do find another.



1 Oct


Jumper: Primark

Necklace: H&M

Rings: Topshop and Boots


Today was a fantastic day depsite the pouring rain. Got some more new things which I will post up tomorrow. Had lunch in a really cheap burger place, satisfactory but had a weird atmosphere. Was just about to leave town when Sam Mctrusty walked by from Twin Atlantic, I was in complete shock. Now I wish I had asked for a picture! Wore this outfit today as it was perfect for the weather. Just bought the jumper yesterday but both my rings and necklace are fairly old so I am not sure if they still supply them. I have my lilac nail polish on, it didn’t really match but I thought I may aswell be a bit daring and have a bit of clashing going on.