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29 Jan

I have been so busy trying to study that I haven’t had time to get any pictures up. I feel bad about the lack of posting but I promise it is going to start back up again after Wednesday. I ordered a peach chiffon shirt off of Republic and it was exactly what I have been looking for, the best thing was it was only ten pounds in the sale. I have my English exam tomorrow and I am petrified, I haven’t even learned all of my quotes yet. Anybody else leave their studying until last minute? Due to my lack of studying I notice that I shop online a lot more and tempt myself far too much. I had a Christmas job over the past couple months but I know I should be saving this money and not be spending it on clothes when that is the last thing I need.

Currently working on a sketch book to go along with my portfolio. I have no idea of what I should really be putting into it. I am applying for Fashion design but I guess they also want to see a range of different topics. Does anybody have any idea of what I should be including into my sketchbook and portfolio?

I would have loved to have been able to apply for Glasgow School of Art but unfortunately I doubt I would make the grade requirements and my work would probably not have met their standards. They have thousands of talented people who apply and only around thirty people get into each course, boo! 😦 I am curious if anyone went to Art school to study Fashion or Photography? If you happen to read my post leave a comment please, I am very interested in learning what is involved 🙂 Hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m away back to try and study.



Latest Wants…

26 Jan

Shirt and Playsuit: Urban Outfitters

Had a very bad day, caught the cold so my nose won’t stop running and I feel so tired so I can’t study. I hate when I don’t study as I feel guilty considering my prelims are only four days away. The good part was that I got an email from Robert Gordon University mentioning that they have a Portfolio advice day in a few weeks so I plan to make a three hour drive up there with my Mum. I love all the pastel colours coming into the shops the now, specifically the pinks and purples. I am also a very big fan of the grunge look and hope to find some lovely pieces in Topshop at any point. I found this shirt in Urban Outfitters and I am in love with it as I love bugundy and also this playsuit. I seem to be attracted to anything velvet at the moment and I love the lace detail at the top.

Busy days.

24 Jan

I have been extremely busy recently as I have prelims coming up. Most of my time has been spent studying. I did manage to go around the shops during the weekend and picked up some nice things which I will post up when I have more time. I found a nude shirt/dress on and I have been searching for one exactly like it. Unfortunately they don’t have it in my size so I will need to wait and see if they have more stock coming in. I ordered Benefit’s High Beam last week and it came today so I will also post about it once I have used it. I am super excited for Wednesday 1st February as that is my last prelim and it means I can relax for a couple of weeks. I am hoping to make a trip to Edinurgh while I am off. I love Edinburgh as everything is so close by and the shops seem to sell a better variety. Here’s the  link for the shirt/dress that I spotted incase others are interested or could show me a similar one for a cheaper price?

I have recently started using Topshop’s lip and cheek stain. I have extremely pale skin so I always think any sort of blusher makes me look like a clown but this one matches my skin perfectly and isn’t too bright. It’s a lovely pink colour and I think it would suit any skin tone especially the very fair skinned. I am wanting to start focusing more on my eyebrows. I haven’t bothered with them much, I pluck them but not very often as it takes a lot of effort. Could anyone recommend specific tweezers or an eyebrow kit that would be great to use?

Hope everyone has a lovely week and I will post again soon!

Lazy days in wonderland.

14 Jan

Had an extremely lazy day, sitting about my house and watching tv. I am currently taking part in a Higher Photography course in school and managed to get some pictures today. My theme is youth culture in fashion. I planned to go for a pretty/fairytale theme. I wanted it to look quite enchanted but the lighting didn’t quite turn out as I hoped. If anyone would care to give me tips and ideas for my pictures it would be muh appreciated! My wedges that I ordered arrived today and I am in love with them and can not wait to wear them 🙂 I have my eye on a dress at It’s in the sale and it’s going for £10 which is far too tempting. Maybe when I get payed on Friday… Will keep posted at a later date and please take a look at my pictures, thank you!  😀

11 Jan

Haven’t posted in quite a while. I found these amazing black wedges on boohoo. com for only £10, I’m really considering in buying them but they seem like a waste as I know I will hardly wear them. I have been desperate for a brown pair of lace up wedges which I managed to find on ebay so as soon as I get payed they will be bought. Sorry about the lack of photos, I just haven’t had time to get them. I purchased a couple of models own nail polishes at the weekend which are lovely. Will post about them at a later date. I also just joined ebay today, deciding to sell my clothes which I barely never wear. So far I only placed up my Topshop floral Cami. This is the link if you are interested in it…


4 Jan


Foundation: Boots

I ordered the Dainty Doll foundation by Nicola Roberts last week and it came a few days ago. Thought I would give my review on it. I have always had trouble finding a foundation that matches my skin colour and this is the first one that has succeeded. I bought the second lightest shade which suits my skin. It’s a liquid foundation which is great if you have dry skin like me. It blends in very well and you can gradually build it up if you want a full coverage. I think it is perfect for the very pale skinned however the downside was the size as I don’t think it’s value for money. If you are struggling to find a pale enough colour of foundation in normal brands then I definitely recommend this!

4 Jan

Had a good day went around the shops but didn’t see very much. I went to chiquitos for dinner which was great. This is the outfit I wore, was quite simple. I am usually always wearing wine or burgundy now as it’s my favourite. I go back to school on Thursday which I am really not looking forward to, my prelims are in four weeks which means I need to start some serious studying. Sorry for the lack of good pictures and my nail varnish is chipped off a wee bit.

Top: Topshop

Cardigan: Missguided

Trousers: Missguided

Necklace: Topshop

 Shoes: Primark

Nailpolish: Claire’s accessories