Busy days.

24 Jan

I have been extremely busy recently as I have prelims coming up. Most of my time has been spent studying. I did manage to go around the shops during the weekend and picked up some nice things which I will post up when I have more time. I found a nude shirt/dress on Missguided.com and I have been searching for one exactly like it. Unfortunately they don’t have it in my size so I will need to wait and see if they have more stock coming in. I ordered Benefit’s High Beam last week and it came today so I will also post about it once I have used it. I am super excited for Wednesday 1st February as that is my last prelim and it means I can relax for a couple of weeks. I am hoping to make a trip to Edinurgh while I am off. I love Edinburgh as everything is so close by and the shops seem to sell a better variety. Here’s the  link for the shirt/dress that I spotted incase others are interested or could show me a similar one for a cheaper price? http://www.missguided.co.uk/jolsie-sheer-belted-shirt-dress-4

I have recently started using Topshop’s lip and cheek stain. I have extremely pale skin so I always think any sort of blusher makes me look like a clown but this one matches my skin perfectly and isn’t too bright. It’s a lovely pink colour and I think it would suit any skin tone especially the very fair skinned. I am wanting to start focusing more on my eyebrows. I haven’t bothered with them much, I pluck them but not very often as it takes a lot of effort. Could anyone recommend specific tweezers or an eyebrow kit that would be great to use?

Hope everyone has a lovely week and I will post again soon!


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