29 Jan

I have been so busy trying to study that I haven’t had time to get any pictures up. I feel bad about the lack of posting but I promise it is going to start back up again after Wednesday. I ordered a peach chiffon shirt off of Republic and it was exactly what I have been looking for, the best thing was it was only ten pounds in the sale. I have my English exam tomorrow and I am petrified, I haven’t even learned all of my quotes yet. Anybody else leave their studying until last minute? Due to my lack of studying I notice that I shop online a lot more and tempt myself far too much. I had a Christmas job over the past couple months but I know I should be saving this money and not be spending it on clothes when that is the last thing I need.

Currently working on a sketch book to go along with my portfolio. I have no idea of what I should really be putting into it. I am applying for Fashion design but I guess they also want to see a range of different topics. Does anybody have any idea of what I should be including into my sketchbook and portfolio?

I would have loved to have been able to apply for Glasgow School of Art but unfortunately I doubt I would make the grade requirements and my work would probably not have met their standards. They have thousands of talented people who apply and only around thirty people get into each course, boo! 😦 I am curious if anyone went to Art school to study Fashion or Photography? If you happen to read my post leave a comment please, I am very interested in learning what is involved 🙂 Hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m away back to try and study.



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