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Super Busy

16 Feb

I haven’t posted in almost two weeks. I have been really busy, not with school just going out. I have recently been focusing a lot on my portfolio as I am going to a portfolio advice day this Saturday. Has anybody else been to one? I am really scared as I am not sure what to expect or what they will say about my work. It is Fashion Design I am applying for and funnily enough I can’t sew. I went to the GSA open day and they said they didn’t want you to know as they would rather teach you professionally rather than you picking up bad habits so hopefully I will be okay. Is anybody else in this situation?

I haven’t done any outfit posts in so long as most of what I have been wearing has just been flung on quickly to go over to my friends or just to go out. I have been on a spending ban for the past week and hope to keep this up until my 18th birthday on the 12th March! On the 15th March I am going to Berlin for my Birthday and I am super excited. My parents asked if I would prefer a new lens or a nice piece of jewellery for my Birthday, what do you think I should go for??

Have a nice night x


Wish list

3 Feb

Shoes and Dress: Topshop

I love all of these items but I am also on the search for a beaded peter pan collar. If anybody knows of one please let me know!  If I get the dress I was planning to pair it with a leather jacket and a pair of black suede wedges. This way it will toughen it up a bit rather than looking extremely girly. I also like these shoes in the black but I think this pink/peach colour is more suitable for the spring/summer. Also looking for a new mascara the now, I ordered a Benefit Bad Gal one off of Ebay which turned out to be a fake, hate when that happens! I was planning to try the Soap and Glory mascara. Also on the look out for an eyebrow kit. I am considering Benefit but I don’t think I can handle spending that much money on something so small. It’s three for two on Bourjois cosmetics at the moment which is very tempting.

I have been very lazy this morning, just lying in my bed reading blogs and eating crisps. I do plan on getting changed at some point aslong as everyone else has stopped studying and has decided they are up for doing something. I should really be working on my portfolio but I am just not in the mood for drawing at the moment. Hope everyone has a nice weekend ahead of them!

Things I currently love…

2 Feb

You Me At Six, Bon Iver, Anything Floral/Vintage looking and Peter Pan collar’s. (All images from Google)

You Me At Six have been my favourite band since I was about fourteen Most of their fans are probably around the age of fourteen to sixteen but they are a band I am sure I will always love. I also currently love BooHoo‘s new in clothing, They have a navy coloured chiffon dress with a lace collar which I have my eye on. I seem to have an obsession with anything that is a peach/nude colour, this could be taking over my love for burgundy! Nails seem to be a popular thing to focus on now, I tend to use models own or barry m then I have a couple of sparkly nail varnishes I put over them. 

Make up is something that I love but I wouldn’t say I am an expert. For me right now I always use Dainty Doll Foundation. I am extremely pale and this is the only foundation I have ever found to suit my skin colour. I also really recommend Topshop’s lip and cheek stain and Benefit’s High Beam, they both work really well and give a lovely glow to my face. I need a big shoulder bag, I was planning to go into town today since my Prelims are over but everyone else still have theirs and I feel a bit weird going shopping myself. If it’s the only way I can  go then I guess I will need to. Does anybody else hate going shopping themselves?