Things I currently love…

2 Feb

You Me At Six, Bon Iver, Anything Floral/Vintage looking and Peter Pan collar’s. (All images from Google)

You Me At Six have been my favourite band since I was about fourteen Most of their fans are probably around the age of fourteen to sixteen but they are a band I am sure I will always love. I also currently love BooHoo‘s new in clothing, They have a navy coloured chiffon dress with a lace collar which I have my eye on. I seem to have an obsession with anything that is a peach/nude colour, this could be taking over my love for burgundy! Nails seem to be a popular thing to focus on now, I tend to use models own or barry m then I have a couple of sparkly nail varnishes I put over them. 

Make up is something that I love but I wouldn’t say I am an expert. For me right now I always use Dainty Doll Foundation. I am extremely pale and this is the only foundation I have ever found to suit my skin colour. I also really recommend Topshop’s lip and cheek stain and Benefit’s High Beam, they both work really well and give a lovely glow to my face. I need a big shoulder bag, I was planning to go into town today since my Prelims are over but everyone else still have theirs and I feel a bit weird going shopping myself. If it’s the only way I can  go then I guess I will need to. Does anybody else hate going shopping themselves?


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